Gmail passwords not really stolen debate

Reports are coming in that hackers leaked around 5-million stolen Gmail passwords; which were then leaked to a Russian forum. Is this in true or false?

It looks like hackers have leaked stolen passwords to the Russian forum, which contain Gmail address, the emails maybe Gmail addresses but the passwords could actually be passwords’ for anything current or not.

It was CNews who first reported the database of usernames and passwords to, which is a Russian-language Bitcoin security forum. The database screenshot was shown by publisher tvskit reporting that 60 percent of these passwords were working and had validity.

Can we really call them Gmail passwords that were stolen?
The passwords are not actually stolen from Gmail accounts; they could be from other sites such as LinkedIn or any other service. Passwords basically linked to users Gmail addresses, it does not mean it is the password users use to log in to their Gmail – The answer to the question above is no.

Google has said their system has not been breached, but to be on the safe side and for self-assurance you could use the ‘Secure Account Setup’ feature released by Google. This is a great tool where you can see if anyone else has logged into your account, it will ask you to update your password recovery information etc.

For more information we recommend you visiting Mashable, they tell people not to panic – What are your views on the 5-million Gmail passwords leaked?

Gmail passwords not really stolen debate