NFL teams rising in Google Plus

To celebrate the kickoff of NFL season this past weekend, we’re going to take a look at how three NFL teams are rising above the competition to put their G+ pages to work for their fans—and how you can do the same.

The Atlanta Falcons rally support for the red and black in Google+ where Falcons fans connect with each other over all the action on and off the gridiron. The Atlanta Falcons have 316,075 followers and its Google Plus page has had 8,685,031 views to date, they also have the Atlanta Falcons Community G Plus page with 1,770 members.

NFL teams rising in Google Plus pic 1

The Washington Redskins make it easy for armchair quarterbacks to figure out the weekly match-ups by posting the game schedule for the season as their Google+ cover photo. The Washington Redskins have 865,362 followers and its G Plus page has had 27,858,606 views – Above you can see the Washington Redskins 2014 schedule screenshot.

Using hashtags like #StrongerTogether and #FinsUp on their photos and posts throughout the season, the Miami Dolphins bring their fans together with a cohesive Google+ message. The Miami Dolphins have the lowest amount of followers with 13,029 followers with 2,866,129 views.

The NFL results for the most followers and views on Google Plus are the Washington Redskins – Do you follow any NFL team on G Plus?

NFL teams rising in Google Plus