Motorcycle crash video needs more social awareness

One motorcycle crash video needs much more social media awareness. Raw footage of David Holmes, 38 colliding into a car on the A47 in Honingham, Norfolk leading to his death is shocking but should be watched by all motorists no matter what type of machine you are driving/riding.

The video itself is very harsh to watch and will leave many speechless and somewhat upset, and as a fellow motorcyclist I personally want to share this with all of OSM’s social media networks and would like the video and awareness to go viral globally.

David Holmes was wearing a helmet camera, and the footage taken was his last after he crashed into a car turning into his path. The motorcycle accident video uploaded onto the ‘NorfolkConstabulary’ YouTube channel on September 5 has had 11,016,464 so far and rising.

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This hard-hitting video starts of with David Holmes mother talking of the accident, and we want this to go viral on social media networks so both motorcyclists and drivers can understand the dangers. It does not matter whose fault it is, what matters to me the most is that people are aware of what can happen in a split second.

This is a campaign I myself Mark Chubb will share and would also like all of you to share as well, as a bike rider myself it makes me think harder when riding out. For me, it has not been shared enough and needs to be highlighted over and over again.

I would personally like to say thank you to David Holmes mother Brenda for sharing the footage, it was so sad to watch and as a rider myself it has made me more aware of the dangers. So sorry you had to go through the heartache of losing your son and having to watch the video yourself, but making the video go viral socially will make many more motorcyclists and motorists aware of the dangers.

RIP David Holmes; hope you are riding out in heaven and looking down on your fellow motorcyclist, please keep us safe.

PLEASE SHARE this article to all of your social media network places, PLEASE share the video to everyone you know – You do not have to be a motorcyclist to share. Think Bike! Ride Safe!

Motorcycle crash video needs more social awareness