China needs Facebook according to Weibo

Facebook is restricted in China but this did not stop a fake account getting onto Weibo and gaining a massive 80,000 followers, this shows China needs Facebook.

The fake Facebook account on Weibo before being removed gained a staggering 80,000 followers in one single week, which clearly shows it will be highly popular in the country.

China should sit down with Mark Zuckerberg and come to some sort of arrangement to release the social media network in their country. Gaining that many followers on the fake Facebook account on social network Sina Weibo surely say’s something to the Chinese Government.

Maybe China could strike a deal where they get a cut of profits, would be a win-win situation for both Facebook and China. According to a report over on WSJ Digit, that Facebook has an official Weibo account for the social network’s engineering group, which was later deactivated a week after it was created.

In China the largest social networking site is Sina Weibo, and even though Mark Zuckerberg wishes to launch Facebook in China we cannot see this happening any time soon.

Would you like to see the official release of Facebook in China?

China needs Facebook according to Weibo