BMW interactive configuration tool on Facebook

If you are looking at buying a new BMW vehicle and cannot decide what color you want, or what wheels are best suited to the model you like, maybe you should start using the BMW Facebook interactive configuration page.

When you visit the BMW Facebook page, which has 18,507,645, you will see the tabs: Timeline | About | Photos | More. In between the tabs Photos | More you will see a BMW model – like for us we are on the BMW X6.

If you click on the More tab you will get a drop down box with many more models such as BMW X4, X3, X5, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and so many more.

BMW X6 Configuration

Say we click on the BMW X6 model for example, the configuration design tool allows us to configure our very own individual BMW X6, we get to change the body color, wheels, upholstery, interior trim, design pure pack extravagance, the M Sport package and much more.

Depending on what car you choose you get different packs, wheels etc. Once you have created your own BMW you can post your configuration onto your Facebook wall or save it to desktop.

Have you configured you own BMW yet on Facebook?

BMW interactive configuration on Facebook