Apple Watch prompts social media Q&A

The Apple live event last night went rather well with announcements of three new devices, but let’s stick with the newly announced and official Apple Watch.

Since the Apple Watch (NOT iWatch) was announced the social media world went crazy asking many questions, one major mystery is the battery life and thousands took to both Facebook and Twitter to ask why there was no mention of the Apple Watch battery life.

Wearable technology seems to be very important, so why miss out mentioning the most important feature ‘BATTERY LIFE on the Apple Watch?

Some of the questions we have seen over on Twitter for example include: Would I be right in presuming the Apple Watch is the reason Nike is killing off the Fuelband?

Or what about these below –

Tim Cook did mention a lot about the Watch but nothing about battery life, or what about anti-glare so we can see the display in the sun. So, what is the Apple Watch battery life in terms of hours?

Social media reactions are going crazy at the moment since the Apple Conference – Have you got any questions you would like to know about the new Apple Watch releasing early 2015.

Apple Watch social media Q&A