Virgin Media problems continue to upset

Virgin Media customers are still having problems watching YouTube videos, and looking a little deeper there seems to be more occurring issues.

You have only got to visit the tweets and replies section on the official Virgin Media (@virginmedia) Twitter account to see there are many problems occurring.

Other Virgin Media customers are complaining of slow loading, one Twitter user said it is not 1989 it would not kill you to load a page in under 30 seconds – VM replied with, “Have you tried a cheeky reboot to see if this helps improve?”

The complaints are coming in about not being able to access the Internet, slow loading, not being able to watch YouTube videos, these are some of the problems occurring leaving customers wanting to leave Virgin Media. Another user said they are disappointed with Virgin Media’s network connection, saying it is appalling, leaving Virgin Media replying with “Not great to hear What issues are you having?”

So in brief of the problems: Internet slow, phone network is always low, YouTube videos not working on Virgin Media’s network/Internet. Check out the tweets below from VM users –

See more tweets hereAre you having issues with Virgin Media?

Virgin Media problems continue to upset

  • Carl Waring

    No. No such issues here. Well, you did ask :)