The Fappening at Reddit taken down

The subreddit ‘The Fappening’ page has been banned and no longer available to those looking for sub-nude photos. Since the leaked nude photos of celebrities went viral they were posted onto a website called 4chan, but after they started to appear on other websites such as Reddit.

If you visit you will see the yellow caution tape running across the closed door, which basically means the Fappening banned at Reddit, is indeed true.

It was user johnsmcjohn that created the subreddit aka The Fappening, and this was the place where users could come visit for revealing photos. Reddit has shut down The Fappening Reddit page because by law they had too under the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) order, this was due to the fact the images were stolen, which included starts such as Jennifer Lawrence.

It was far easier for Reddit to shut down ‘The Fappening’ page rather than keep a close eye on it. You can visit Fappening discussion page now, Creator of the Fappening page johnsmcjohn said it was created because he liked the name and it had a decent-sized community, it was not intended to be a place for celeb leaks. He did go on to say he tried to make sure any content posted was in line with Reddit’s rules and regulations.

Johnsmcjohn said on the new Fappening Discussions Reddit page, “I created /r/TheFappening on sunday, and while I didn’t intend for it to be the fastest growing sub in history, it was. I want to point out that our mod team worked their asses off to ensure that pics that violated reddit’s rules were removed. And we prevented the doxx of the “leaker” as well. I know we aren’t going to be considered the good guys, but we worked hard to ensure reddit’s rules were followed.”

One comment by TOEMIEST says they violated no rules; even 4Chan is getting messed up (We toned down the language here) by pressure and the FBI.

Do you think Reddit were right to ban The Fappening?

Since the The Fappening Reddit ban there is already an alternative called ‘celebnsfw’, give it a week and this will be banned as well considering it is showing nude photos of celebs.

The Fappening at Reddit taken down