Healthy weight loss through social networking

There are so many ways to lose weight, but according to new analysis by researchers people can actually shed the pounds through social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

There are many social networking programmes specifically designed to help those who wish to lose weight to help fight against obesity, the analysis from Imperial College London and the paper is one of 10 reports on global healthcare policy.

People with obesity can be provided with a community of support via Facebook and Twitter from both peers and clinicians to help them lose weight. Obesity was one of discussions at the inaugural WISH Summit in 2013, and they wanted to learn more about innovative ways to address major global health issues.

12 studies of compiled data across Australia, US, Europe and East Asia was compiled, which tested out social networking services for weight loss, and this included 1,884 participants in total. It showed that social media helped because people felt part of a community, they get great advice from doctors without travelling as well as clinicians and peers support.

Do you think social networking can help people lose weight?

Healthy weight loss through social networking