Facebook video view counter not new

Facebook videos are fairly good for all different types of things, being it funny videos, Ice Bucket Challenges or maybe it is to let the world know about a product. One way or another videos are apart of social networking. But, with Facebook adding a view counter on them makes it sound more like YouTube.

Earlier today we reported about Facebook videos uploading automatically (Auto-Play), and when the video is finished it shows similar ones for you to watch. Now, they want to add a view count so Facebook users can see how people have watched the video, which in a way shows you how popular it is.

Both public and celebrity figures upload videos, and the video platform is growing strong.

Facebook has reached an average of 1 billion video views a day since June, and through May to July video view growth has gone above 50 percent this year. And, just like YouTube by Facebook adding a video view count users will know if that particular video has gone viral or not. But, it is not really new is it, YouTube has been doing it for years.

Do you think Facebook is copying YouTube with the new video view count update?

Facebook video view counter not new