Facebook video uploaded directly evidently like YouTube

We are already seeing Facebook auto-play videos, but boosting this is what the social network will do. And, Facebook video being uploaded directly is evidently important.

Facebook is moving ahead with the video aspect of its site, they are pushing for more auto-playing videos. Some may like the auto-play feature and some not, but there is the option of switching it off. But, what Facebook can learn through auto-playing videos is stats on how many times a video has been clicked and viewed.

The social networking site has reported here the views on Facebook has grown by 50 percent in Q2 and a staggering 65 percent of this figure is credited to mobile device utilization of content.

A new mobile feature being tested by Facebook that will allow users to view videos similar to the ones they have just watched – basically like YouTube then. When you watch a YouTube video at the end it will provide more similar video choices for you to view, and this is what Facebook is doing by the looks of things.

They say they want to improve video features, improving in the eyes of the public surely means making them better and coming up with new ideas. But, what is so different in Facebook offering users similar videos that YouTube isn’t already doing?

Yes, Facebook has already started to roll-out the video auto-play feature with the option of turning off automatic play within options, this is needed as you do not want the videos playing when you do not have WiFi, otherwise you could potentially get a huge bill shock.

Do you like the idea of Facebook’s auto-playing videos?

Facebook video uploaded directly evidently like YouTube