Comcast customers unhappy tweets

Comcast have taken to Twitter talking about three things that makes its wireless gateway the fastest around, as well as tweeting 30 percent of its population do not have access to broadband internet at home. They want to try and close the gap, but Comcast customers are not too happy about these tweets.

On the tweet reporting about the 30 percent of its population not having access to broadband Internet at home, this seemed to rile one commenter. The comment said, “@comcast 30% of your cable customers are probably out of service due to poor response times/old infrastructure…how about we close that gap.”

The other tweet about the industry’s fastest wireless gateway angered a few more users. Customers are saying Comcast offer a terrible service and they need to fix the issues. A few have tweeted that Comcast still hold over three hours. One particular customer said, “I have missed over 3 hours of work trying to get my email to work. COMCAST epic fail.”

If you visit Down Detector you will see comments still coming in now, you will see many unhappy customers, one with no Internet since Friday September 5th, who called Comcast who could not reset the modem. Majority of others are still without Internet.

Are you still having issues with Comcast?

Comcast customers unhappy tweets