Betty White alive not dead, rinse in peace

Betty White is dead; the world was in total shock when we opened our Twitter and Facebook. All we saw on our social networks was the Golden Girl was no longer with us, and everyone posting and tweeting ‘RIP Betty White’. But Betty White is alive and well, and probably laughing at you all right now.

Some say it was some sort of Betty White death hoax, but it was just a clear misunderstanding where people online got mixed up with the word ‘Dye’ and Die’ – simple mistake that caused social media confusion to millions.

Betty White news reports were coming in fast of her death, but it was a simple mistake after EmpireNews sparked the tweets and posts around the world. They said that Betty White is not naturally blond and that she dyes peacefully in her Los Angeles home, not DIES.

Twitter is still going crazy with many tweets coming in by the minute; one tweet we saw said jokingly, “Betty White R.I.P – Rinsing in Peace.”

How did you feel when you thought Betty White was dead, or did you know it was a misunderstanding from the get go?

Here are a few other tweets –

Betty White alive not dead, rinse in peace