Social popularity of Honey Singh Desi Kalakaar song

Yo Yo Honey Singh songs are highly popular and one of them is “Desi Kalakaar”, which is actually the name of his latest album as well. Social media popularity for this one song alone is immense; it is being shared a lot on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Normally singer, rapper and composer Honey Singh prefers to do party songs, something upbeat to get people dancing, but this time round the album “Desi Kalakaar” provides more of a romantic feel. There is more 70 percent of singing with a little bit of rap thrown in this time round, which fans seem to love.

He is already famous for songs such as “Dope shope” and “Blue Eyes”, but “Desi Kalakaar” is socially becoming viral.

Just looking at his video below uploaded onto the T-Series YouTube channel, the ‘official: Desi Kalakaar Full VIDEO Song’ already has 5,469,493 views. Over on the ‘Desi Kalakaar Yo Yo Honey Singh’ Facebook page, which has 92,643 it, seems to be popular. On this Facebook profile it was shared 600 times with 607 people liking it and has 103 comments.

On the Yo! Yo! Honey Singh official Facebook page the star has 24,196,670 followers, and when the new Desi Kalakaar song was posted it gained 1357 shares, 18,288 likes and 1011 comments, this is when it was first added on August 26. Since then it has been posted many more times, it looks like Yo Yo Honey Singh wants this to keep selling as he shares it a lot.

It has also been shared on his Twitter account, for the Desi Kalakaar track of the album he signed up actress Sonakshi Sinha who stars in the video.

Please do watch the video below and then answer this question – Do you think the Desi Kalakaar song by Yo Yo Honey Singh is his best yet?

Social popularity of Honey Singh Desi Kalakaar song