How many kids will you have quiz on Facebook

There is a new game / quiz on Facebook where it wants to know ‘How many kids will you have?’ The How many kids will you have game is being shared on Facebook a lot at the moment and is rather simple where you answer a few simple questions.

The game by Bodaciouz is being shared a lot and the first thing it asks you is “How many kids you have already?” all you need to do is just click on the answers tabs, once this questioned has been answered you will get you next one, which is, “Would you like more kids?”

It then asks, “How old are you? And you have a choice of under 18, 18-25, 26-36 or over 36. The next question is, “Are you in a relationship?” where you need to answer – Yes, I’m happily married or Yes I have a girlfriend / boyfriend, no I’m single, or why would I want to be in a relationship.

Next question is, “Have you got any siblings?” – The answers include No there’s just me, Yes I have one sibling, Yes I have two siblings and Yes I have more than two siblings.

The last one is, “Where would you rather live?” In the country with lots of space, in an apartment in the city, in a box under a bridge or in a house in the suburbs.

With my answers punched in it came up with – “You will not have any kids, they are not for everyone. Maybe you’re better of partying and having fun.”

Have you played the ‘How many kids will you have on Facebook yet?

How many kids will you have game on Facebook