WOW Internet down, customers not happy

WOW customers are not too happy at the moment because they are having issues with the Internet and cable services.

The WOW Internet and cable services is down at the moment according to its customers and even though many areas in the United States are popping up it seems to be those living in Royal Oak suffering the most.

Formerly known as WideOpenWest Networks, WOW provides TV, Internet and phone service over cable. One customer said that they have not had any Internet in Royal Oak since 7:50am still out at 10am; it keeps saying all circuits busy.

Customers are complaining WOW has far too many outages and they are not happy at all, we visited Down Detector and the comments are coming in very fast indeed. Some are saying WOW will credit their accounts for the troubles but do not, we here at OSM cannot verify about WOW crediting accounts.

Another customer said, “Internet still down in Royal Oak. Having to use the phone as a hot spot so I can work. This’ll cost me… Not had that many problems with WOW over last 15 years. Doesn’t make any less frustrating when it does happen though.” heard about the issues and they are reaching out to WOW for comment, so hopefully they will get some answers soon.

If you look under the tweets/replies over on The WOW! Buzz @TheWOWBuzz account you will see they are updating users. Apologies so far via tweets – read them all here.

Are you having WOW Internet or Cable problems?

WOW Internet is down, customers not happy