Twitter bug bounty offers $140

A new Twitter bounty programme would see rewards of $140 going to security researchers, if they find and report any serious security issues on the 140-character sharing site.

Twitter has decided to join forces with HackerOne and between them have introduced the new ‘bounty programme’, this is great news for security researchers because if they find a bug on sites such as mobile Twitter,, apps.twitter, mobile apps, TweetDeck or ads.twitter they will be rewarded with $140.

Twitter did say that this is not a competition, but to be fair you can see researchers going out of their way to find something so they can get money.

Could they find enough bugs in any of the Twitter’s mentioned above to make a living from it?

There has been no timeframe for the reward, which means it could be ongoing if the programme stays active. HackerOne said on its page it will reserve the rights to determine the reward on the reports of the bugs, which basically means ‘NO’ you cannot make a living from it.

Over on the HackerOne site they have thanked 44 hackers and 46 bugs have been closed, please visit HackerOne where thy explain in details about reporting possible vulnerabilities, eligibility and responsible disclosures, qualifying vulnerabilities, as well as non-qualifying vulnerabilities, oh and do not get to read the fine print.

What are your views on the new Twitter bounty bug programme?

Twitter bug bounty offers $140