Social madness of Apple event live video stream

Next week on Tuesday September 9 the Apple event will kick off, the countdown timer has already begun over on, which is at ‘4 Days, 19 Hours and 43 Minutes at the time of writing this.

There is no need to discuss what will be announced as this is common knowledge, but in San Francisco, California on September 9 the event will be streamed live and all social media sites will be updated every second when it does.

The Social madness of the Apple event live video stream will be immense, every time you refresh your Twitter or Facebook you will no doubt see some news of the Apple event, photos of what is announced and of course specs, release dates and much more.

Streaming of the Apple keynote will begin at 10 am PT (6 pm GMT), to watch the steam just visit this page here. When the September event starts tweets and Facebook posts will be updated fast, the event will most definitely trend in social media.

This tweet made us laugh a little, looking at the hashtag #AppleEvent it is being updated in minutes. The Apple September 9 event live stream countdown clock is being shared a lot on Twitter at the moment.

Are you going to watch the Apple September 9 event live stream?

Social madness of Apple event live video stream