PlayStation playing CounterSpy live

PlayStation has taken to its Twitter account @PlayStation to let its 4.58 million followers know that they are playing CounterSpy live.

PlayStation right now is playing CounterSpy via live stream at with their friends @Dynamighty.

We here at OSM would not have known anything about this unless PlayStation didn’t take to Twitter to announce it. They are playing the game as well as chatting about it amongst other things.

At the moment there are 340 watching the live stream right now, it has had 5,639,376 views so far and 66.337 followers.

The live stream also has a chat feature so you can talk with others about the game, CounterSpy is a strange looking game with side-scrolling gameplay, it has been released on Sony PS4, PS3, PS Vita and on mobile devices as well.

Not really much to say other than – What do you think of PlayStation playing CounterSpy live?

Watch live video from PlayStation on

PlayStation playing CounterSpy live