Instagram fake bot targeting real accounts

A new Instagram fake account spambot is on the loose and looking to duplicate you, if you think you have only one Instagram account you may need to double check that one.

Many hackers try to get into your email, or other social media accounts for information or simply because they find it fun, but why would you want to create a fake Instagram account? These new fake Instagram accounts are fairly hidden and most of the time users will never come across them, unlike The Verge’s video director.

The Verge’s video director, Christian Mazza was a victim of this type of Instagram fake account bot. The fake Instagram account will have a different name but it will have the same profile photo as yours and will have real-life friends tagged in them.

REAL Instagram Account

Instagram fake bot targeting - real

These new spammy accounts hold no purpose; if they were to duplicate a celebrity with thousands of followers then they are doing it simply to gain popularit. But, why would you create a fake account from someone that only has a few hundred followers, doesn’t make any sense at all.

FAKE Instagram Account

Instagram fake bot targeting - Fake

What do these hackers get out of faking an Instagram account?

Maybe the fake accounts once popular can be sold behind closed doors, basically illegally. Instagram has a lot of securities and maybe someone has been banned from Instagram and they want a fake account, which has thousands of followers. In a way it is an effective way to get around spammy account protections that are not linked to real people.

For more information please visit The Verge, they go into detail about this – Has someone mirrored your Instagram account?

Instagram fake bot targeting real account