Facebook down mocking and $450k loss

Facebook went down yesterday for around 20 minutes, and this started a Twitter mocking trend as well as a possible $450k loss of earnings for the social media network.

Millions of Facebook account users were unable to login yesterday after a 20-minute outage, they were locked out whilst Facebook were looking into the issue. But, if they cannot access Facebook they turn to another social network Twitter.

The hashtag #facebookdown was being used to vent anger and mockery about the social network being down. Some were saying it was a nightmare not being able to log in to Facebook because how will they now share what they had for dinner, some were even saying bet it is hard for people to look into the real world now rather than a social media one.

Facebook did acknowledge the issue by saying, ‘Sorry, something went wrong,’ and that they were working on a fix and within 20 minutes they were up and running again.

If you look at Facebook’s recent quarter it’s revenue was around $2.9 billion, which is roughly $22,450 per minute in earnings, so if Facebook was down for 20 minutes that is an estimated $450,000 loss.

20 minutes work for $450,000, please do contact me Mark Chubb if I can be of assistance to you, maybe you want me to look at your social media sites and update them regularly. The official Facebook profile here does not seem to get updated often, the last post was August 24, and even Mark Zucerberg’s profile is not up to date. His last post was the Ice Bucket Challenge on August 13.

What did you do whilst Facebook was down yesterday?

Facebook down mocking and $450k loss