Candy Crush Saga Facebook sneak peaks and bedding

The official Candy Crush Saga Facebook page has 72,503,681 followers and lately administrators have been updating its Timeline with sneak peaks and bedding products to buy.

First up is a post on the Candy Crush Saga App Facebook page showing players a sneak peak at level 666, but since doing so they have had many comments with a few saying they are stuck on a certain level and others asking about updates.

When users asked about an update one comment in reply said, “If you are playing on an Apple product you will not get the latest release. You have to play from a laptop via facebook for the latest version. I’m waiting on level 666.”

When looking at the Facebook comments it seems many are stuck on level 655 not alone trying to get to level 666. Another video the page is showing is about unleashing the Bubblegum Troll, which will remove all the chocolate. By doing this it will put a stop to the evil chocolate spawners.

If you love the popular game that much you will be happy to know the Facebook page is showing all sorts of new products, such as new Candy Crush bedding you can buy via Target, or the Candy Crush Saga Duvet via Amazon UK.

Keep up to date with all Candy Crush Saga news via the official Facebook page; join the other 72.5 million followers.

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Candy Crush Saga Facebook sneak peaks and bedding