Jennifer Lawrence hashtag starts a trolling trend

Since the 4Chan Jennifer Lawrence leak Twitter hastags have been trending, one of the most used at the moment is #leakforjlaw.

The #leakforjlaw hashtag is being used by millions of Twitter users, and already worldwide trolling is at its best at the moment.

4Chan leaked many nude photos of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and the beautiful Hunger Games actress as been the brunt of the news the last few days, and since the hashtag craze started there is no giving up just yet.

Twitter users decided after the nude photo leaks to start the #leakforjlaw, some may say they this hashtag is an outrage, and some say it is to support Lawrence.

So many tweets are coming like this one for example by Iza Epple, “You know what? How about instead of #leakforjlaw we come up with a new one? #fightforjlaw we love you Jen. Stay strong beautiful xoxo.”

Other tweets using the hashtag include –

One tweet said, “Store your photos in the iCloud they said.. you’ll never lose them again they said… #leakforjlaw #JenniferLawrence.”

Loads of Twitter users are posting nude photos of themselves, which we will not be showing here. Twitter will remove these pictures in a hurry we are gusessing, we have seen a few posted onto Twitter and those that are doing so are doing it to support Jennifer Lawrence hence the hashtag #leakforjlaw.

Are you supporting the #leakforjlaw Twitter hashtag?

Jennifer Lawrence hashtag starts a trolling trend