Where’s Falcao game prompts Arsenal transfer

Yesterday at 11PM transfer deadline day closed, and since has seen two men getting signed to Manchester United and Arsenal. Piers Morgan was getting trolled and an airport tweeted many ‘Where’s Falcao’ memes.

Monaco striker Radamel Falcao has finally signed a deal three hours after the 11pm deadline on 1 September, Manchester United have picked up only two points from their opening three games, leaving Danny Welbeck signing for Arsenal.

Since deadline transfer day the Twitter account Manchester Airport @manairport started to tweet ‘Where’s Falcao’, the hashtag #WheresFalcao was very popular indeed yesterday, even Piers Morgan was being asked how he felt after being mocked by an airport.

Here are some of the #WheresFalcao tweets –

It seems the Manchester Airport @manairport Twitter account are trolling Piers Morgan, check out the tweets below –

Twitter users are also mocking Piers Morgan, if you visit the hashtag #WheresFalcao one tweet said, “@piersmorgan how do you feel you’ve been mocked by an airport? #WheresFalcao.”

Did you play the ‘Where’s Falcao’ game with Manchester Airport on Twitter?

Where’s Falcao game prompts Arsenal transfer