Watch 2014 BYU vs UCONN football highlights

If you missed the chance to watch BYU vs. UCONN there is no need to worry because a relatively new YouTube channel will show highlights of all BYU football games in 2014 and beyond.

The new YouTube Channel by Lawless Republic is situated in the heart of Cougar Nation, and this channel will highlight BYU Athletics games. All BYU games will be videoed so you never need miss a game.

You can watch the ‘BYU vs. UCONN Football Highlights 2014’, which was uploaded to YouTube on 1 Sep 2014. We will not give you the score outcome here, as that will spoil things for you if you missed the game, this was an epic game between BYU and the Connecticut Huskies.

BYU will next be playing at Texas on Saturday, September 5th at 5:30 pm MDT, in the game you will see Taysom Hill take the offense where you will also see him provide a great shoulder throw to Mitch Mathews for the first down, this is all we will reveal.

Just in case you missed the game please watch BYU vs. UCONN highlights below courtesy of Lawless Republic – What did you think of the game?

Watch 2014 BYU vs UCONN football highlights