Social Media Then vs. Now in evolution comparison

Evolution is inevitable and there is no stopping it, those born before the 90s knows exactly what it was like without the use of social media and we all coped. But, in today’s day and age millions cannot do without the likes of Facebook, Instagram etc – Now we can see the evolution of social media with the then and now infographic.

Thanks to Zerofox they have put a very well thought out infographic allowing us to all see vintage social media, this is the then and now social media evolution.

When we look at the then, in the late 80s two names stood out and they were Emile Durkhem and Ferdinand Tonnies who focused on socialogical and behavioral research, which basically foreshadowed the emergence of social networks. In today’s age the two names are Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

Before Twitter was invented the closest thing to it was the ‘Post-It’, this was introduced so people could leave short notes to communicate without going in-depth. Twitter is basically the online version of the Post-It thanks to Jack Dorsey 140-character tweet system.

The infographic also compares the then and now with other, The Cork Board is now Pinterest, the Address Book is now Facebook, A Nice View is what YouTube is today, then we have the then Rolodex being LinkedIn today, others include Scrapbooking/Tumblr, Telephone/Skype and Poloroid/Instagram.

What do you think of the evolution of social media?

Social Media Then vs. Now in evolution comparison infographic

Social Media Then vs. Now in evolution comparison