Mark Wahlberg congratulates Donnie, Jenny McCarthy wedding

Donnie Wahlberg married actress Jenny McCarthy in Chicago recently and the social media have their reservations why brother Mark Wahlberg wasn’t there.

Mark Wahlberg posted an Instagram video congratulating his brother and said he was sorry he could not be there with him, because it was his daughter’s birthday. Mark’s daughter Ella was 11 and it was scheduled in Los Angeles and that is the reason he could not be there.

Over on the official Mark Wahlberg Twitter profile he tweeted by saying congratulations to Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, and said he was happy for them both. Mark also tweeted again sharing the video on his Facebook page.

The Facebook video, which is the same as the Instagram one has gained 1,872 share, 124,960 people like the video and 2,372 have commented.

Many believe like TMZ that Mark is not really close to Donnie and the family are not particularly fond of his new bride Jenny McCarthy. Donnie did reply on Twitter saying, “Thank you @mark_wahlberg. Thanks to you & @rheadur for the adorable video for me & Jenny! Please wish a Happy B-Day to my god daughter Ella!”

The Instagram video below congratulating Donnie can be seen below, the Donnie Wahlberg Jenny McCarthy wedding was an intimate affair – Why do you think Mark Wahlberg and family did not go to his brothers wedding?

Mark Wahlberg congratulates Donnie, Jenny McCarthy wedding

  • Kathy Lock

    Who knows, but it sure as hell wasn’t because of a birthday.