Transfer deadline day live on Twitter

Today is the day everyone can be kept up-to-date with the Football transfer deadline day live on Twitter, fans will be watching online as today is the day they have all been waiting for.

Football transfer deadline day 2014 will close at 11PM and fans will probably be left wondering if they have been successful or not. Social media will go crazy today; many rumors will be flying around on Twitter and one way to keep on top of things is by following the brilliant Transfer News Live (@DeadlineDayLive) Twitter page.

The @DeadlineDayLive has 443 thousand followers and are today updating non-stop, tweets include ‘Arsenal are very unlikely to sign anyone before the transfer window shuts tonight.’ Most of the tweets on the Twitter Transfer News Live page contain sources so they can be backed up.

It does not matter who you support, for most this is the biggest day of the year waiting to hear about transfer deals/signings and much more.

Are you hoping your football club will be bringing someone in tomorrow?

Sometimes clubs are after that special player they have been looking to sign for ages, but in the end they cannot get them so they look for alternatives. So stay up to date with the transfer deadline day live on Twitter here.

In a way this Twitter account is sort of like a deadline day live stream, are you following them right now and what are you expecting to happen?

Transfer deadline day live on Twitter