Labor Day weather warning on Twitter

Today is Labor Day and many were expected to celebrate the weekend, but bad weather including strong thunderstorms and heavy rain interrupted this in the Northeast. New York City beach saw the bad weather, which actually closed down two music festivals’ with Electric Zoo being one of them.

The U.S. Open was briefly stopped as well, and many flights were either delayed or cancelled because of the severe weather that came in. So many tweets are coming in about the bad weather with many showing photos of fallen trees and power lines, a small tornado was said to have happened in Worcester, Massachusetts.

New York took a bashing from the severe weather, which some of us here at OSM were a little worried as one of the teams family is out there on holiday. Thankfully they are ok but did say the weather was very bad, but calmed down a little now but have been warned to take an umbrella out with them.

It has been reported three men were hurt on Pelham Bay in the Bronx, at Orchard Beach yesterday when storms and lightning strikes hit.

The popular Electric Zoo music festival was cancelled yesterday after the bad weather, saying to its in the best interests of the fans safety. Another piece of news spreading quickly on Twitter is “So Much for Summer: Millions Face ‘Miserable’ Labor Day” as reported by NBC News, this is worth reading.

Over 30 flights were delayed flying out of New York; flights out of Kennedy Airport and Philadelphia International Airport had a 2-hour delay on some flights. Please read some of the tweets below.

What is the weather like for you on Labor Day 2014?

Here are a few pictures via Instagram as well –

Labor Day weather warning on Twitter