Facebook old post search concern vs. positivity

Facebook is testing a new way to search older posts, and even though this is only for mobile devices at the moment they want to improve the way people search on mobile.

The new Facebook search option will allow users to look for old posts we all thought were buried, for some this can be a good thing as users may be looking for older posts and after hours and hours of searching cannot find them, this new test will make things a whole lot easier.

In some cases it is near enough impossible to find old posts on Facebook, to be fair the social media service is getting flooded with messages, videos and photos. The search feature will allow users to search via specific chats with friends, keywords etc.

Users can search for a link of music, songs, Google Maps, or even a phone number. It has not been said if users can search for older posts that are still in the system or not, many posts get deleted, can these ones be found on Facebook still? We think not.

Many are saying the new Facebook search feature could be damaging, what if you are looking for a new job, could your old post go against you? Your entire post history does not have to be discoverable via Graph Search, do not panic just yet. Facebook provides users the ability to change the audience for all your past posts.

Do you like the idea of being able to search for older Facebook posts, or do you have you have concerns?

Facebook old post search concern vs. positivity