Candy Crush Saga in Facebook invite spam

Facebook users are still complaining about the Candy Crush Saga invitations being sent to them by other users, hiding the app does not seem to fully work and are looking for alternatives to stop once and for all.

Many users on Facebook are not into social media gaming, and friends are inviting others to play games such as Candy Crush Saga. Invites are a nightmare and Facebook news feeds are always being inundated with Game invites.

When you get an invite to play Candy Crush Saga users can click the little black down arrow top right on the invite and click on ‘Hide all from Candy Crush Saga’, but this does not fully work.

Requests can still slip past so others can get credit, the games are so hugely popular millions are playing and they want you to play so they can gain more plays.

Other than the little black arrow to hide the game, you could try another alternative to block the game. If you go into Facebook settings and click on ‘Blocking’ you will see the ‘Manage Blocking’ area. Within this you will see a few fields with three of them saying ‘Block users’, ‘Block app invites’ and ‘Block apps’.

Facebook settings

Under the ‘Block app invites‘ just add the name of the person you want to ignore future app requests from. To make even sure you will never get game invite just add the name ‘Candy Crush Saga’ within the ‘Block apps’ field and that will stop the invites for good.

Facebook blocking

Are you annoyed with people sending you Candy Crush Saga Facebook invites?

Facebook blocking 2

Candy Crush Saga in Facebook invite spam