Navigating the magical world of Google Plus

If there is one company that is universally responsible for the majority of how daily life has been shaped by technology, the award, or pointed finger, would have to go to Google.

Since it’s founding in 1985, Google was merely a concept in the back of somebody’s mind. Two Stanford graduate students had the idea that the Stanford campus needed an online database to pass and store information.

They invented Google, or “googol” and soon enough, the network space available for the company was heavy with traffic. After an angel investor kick-started the idea with a $100,000 check a year later, the ever-evolving digital revolution of Google was born.

Now the world’s number one search engine, Google is also responsible for hosting one of the largest email networks, the creation of smart phones, tablets, computers, and now supposedly, a self-drive automated car.

Google has entered into the business world as well. Google+ is available publicly to anyone looking to spread awareness about their company’s brand, and is growing increasingly popular. Here’s a breakdown of the facts via the Google+ expert infographic below.

Are you using the full potential of Google Plus?