Twitter trend data on 100 Happy Days hashtag

#100HappyDays trending rather well on Twitter, the hashtag has had more than 2 million mentions since January 1st, 2014.

Spredfast decided they wanted to share some data after they looked at the trend happening on Twitter, they analyzed how long people are sticking with it and how happy these people are throughout the 100 days.

Their in-depth analysis is rather interesting, some of the findings include on average, people who started on January 1 had a 34% completion rate of posts over the 100 days, anyone who started from February – May had around 25% of participants completing the challenge, and about 50% of people who start the challenge stop doing it by day 25.

The data also shows that between day 30 and Day 40 tend to contain the highest positive sentiment of the posts. The top five #100HappyDays topics people are most happy about are: Love, Home, Friends, Coffee and Chocolate, believe it or not selfies come in at number 9.

Spredfast’s Chris Kerns said he was very interested in learning about what makes people happy and how ling are people sticking with the #100HappyDays, he also wanted to know how happy are people during the 100 days.

What is #100HappyDays?
It was a simple thing that turned into a trend on January 1st this year. It basically asks participants to choose their own start date and for the next 100 days share at least one post per day with the hashtag #100HappyDays, it is still going strong today.

Are you still participating in the #100HappyDays trend?

Twitter trend data on 100 Happy Days hashtag