Time Warner Cable outage woes with Comcast future

Time Warner Cable has been having real problems of late, and only this week they experienced a major outage. But, over the last 25 hours there have been more problems with the service being on and off.

Seems to be all a little jumpy for TWC at the moment, there have been confirmed facts with TWC commenting over on Twitter and it seems the issues are still carrying on and not letting off.

TWC replied to one Twitter user apologizing for the ongoing issue and they are working to restore its services ASAP. In another tweet TWC said they are looking into the problems it is having with accessing Microsoft sites – see the tweets below.

So many TWC users are not happy at all, one comment via Down Detector said, “For the third morning in a row, my Internet is down in Cumberland Foreside, Maine. No connection from the modem to the street. It repeatedly reboots itself. What is going on? Talk to us TWC.’

Another said it Time Warner Cable is very sporadic and erratic when it comes to connections as of the 8/29 morning. It is apparently making the user’s job rather difficult and frustrating. This is a big deal because the customer’s job is all via the Internet.

Another TWC users commented with, “Do they expect us to pay for this? Who’s going to pay for my data – cause that’s what I’m using. I can’t just wake up and say- I have no Internet connection guess I’m not working today. TWC ~ FIX IT NOW!” Problems with TWC being down are still occurring, and the comments are coming in very fast indeed over on Down Detector.

Fortune have hit the nail on the head, Time Warner Cable with more network will mean more problems. Surely Internet outage will surely get worse if it merges with Comcast? The down time TWC are encountering at the moment seems to be a real issue is Los Angeles, New York and other major U.S. cities.

The Comcast bid to purchase Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion is a deal that will happen but not any time soon, surely combining the two will bring many more problems to the table leaving even more customers fuming. Outage issues started Wednesday morning affecting Internet and On Demand customers, the service is apparently up and running for some but some are still experiences issues.

Are you still experiencing TWC problems?

Time Warner Cable outage woes with Comcast future