Instagram was down, so letโ€™s use Twitter

Instagram went down yesterday for a brief moment, and even though it was only down for a little while many users took to Twitter to vent their anger.

Both app and desktop version of Instagram went down for a while where nothing would load up at all. But because many users of the photo sharing Instagram could not use it they took to Twitter tweeting their opinions.

Instagram did tweet on its own Twitter account that they were experiencing issues with the service, but this tweet was taken down soon after they were operational again.

Users did not care if Instagram were working on a fix, they wanted them to know how they felt and took to Twitter to do so. Many users saw a blank Instagram page when they visited it, but all should be happy now as everything is up and running smoothly as far as we can see.

The service was only down for about an hour if that for us โ€“ Is Instagram working all fine for you now?

Check out these tweets below from Instagram users –

Instagram down, so letโ€™s use Twitter