Tweet Activity Dashboard shows real-time engagement

The new Tweet activity dashboard is now live showing real-time Twitter engagement, which shows users who has interacted and what people have been clicking on.

This innovative Twitter Analytics tool is truly a gem to use and will show how many times your tweets have been seen. This is a great way of finding out what is worth talking about and what is worth skipping – No engagement, no need to share in our eyes.

You can look at all the data being pulled in; once you login you will see your own tweet activity. When we looked at OSM’s activity we say that in the last 28-days our tweets earned 31K impressions, which is 55.9% more than the previous 28-day period.

new tweet dashboard

You can look at tweets and replies, tweets on their own and promoted, and figures are shown for impressions, engagements and engagement rate. Loving the fact you can look at graphs for engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, favorites and replies, you can even export data. you can click on each of the tweets for more data, such as impressions over the first 24 hours, and much more.

There are a few useful buttons at the top titled, Tweets/Followers/Twitter Card, when in Followers this will give you lots of data such as how many people are following your Twitter account, Interests, Location and Gender.

Main Tweet Activity Dashboard features include the ability to see how many people are engaging with your tweets in real-time, clicking on any tweet for more details such as the number of replies, retweets, clicks it receives and favorites. Users can also download their tweet metrics as well as comparing all tweet activity month over month.

For more information please visit to get started – What do you think of the new Tweet Activity Dashboard?

Tweet Activity Dashboard shows real-time engagement