Sheridan Le Fanu social media sharing

Celebrating the 200th birthday of Sheridan Le Fanu with a Google Doodle over on, the world can get to know the Irish Gothic horror writer a little more.

The Sheridan Le Fanu Google Doodle celebrates the writers 200th birthday today; he is one of the best and foremost ghost-writers of the 19th Century and when you combine the names Sheridan Le Fanu Carmilla many will know this is all about one of his famous novels. The Doodle picture depicts a vampire attacking a sleeping woman, Bertha Rheinfeldt taken from Carmilla.

Le Fanu is also famous for ‘In a Glass Darkly’, ‘The House by the Churchyard’ and ‘The Cock and Anchor’.

Born August 28, 1814 in Dublin he was one of the best horror writers of his time, many other writers apparently uses his technique. The Google Doodle can be shared out to social media networks such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Email; those that wish to share can also copy the link Google provides as well.

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It is good to see Sheridan Le Fanu can be shared across social networks to mark his 200th birthday, Google makes this easy by adding the embed button to its Google Doodle.

Product-Reviews offers a little insight in what people can purchase over on Google Play, from Sheridan Le Fanu books, plus an album with 2 discs of songs.

Did you know Sheridan Le Fanu before the Doodle?

Sheridan Le Fanu social media sharing