Hit your marketing goals with Twitter

Twitter is all about maximising users activity, but many small or medium-sized businesses (SMB) may want to achieve a variety of new marketing goals. Twitter is trying to help in many ways where they can to make marketing easier, but it is you that can push drive.

Things are not as hard as you think they may be and with the new #HitYourGoals with Twitter, you may want to build some sort of buzz leading up to a new product launch, or drive more sign-ups for your monthly newsletter, and thanks to the new objective-based framework for Twitter ads making it easier to choose the tools best-suited to help you reach those goals.

Last weeks announcement of the new Twitter objective-based campaigns are put into place to make it a lot easier to buy and create ads. With the new objective-based campaigns users can now get recommendations on the ad format best suited to help you achieve specific business objectives, utilize new tools to create effective ads and ensure you’re only paying for actions that are directly aligned with your campaign objective.

The 5 main objections are followers, leads on Twitter, clicks/conversions, app installs and engagement.

The infographic (Link Below) goes into details about the 5 objectives, take for example the ‘Objective: Followers‘, these can consistently drive your marketing efforts forward because they see you tweets on a regular basis. But not only do they see your tweets, they also will no doubt recommend your business as well as retweet your content through their own network and make purchases from you.

See the full infographic here; it is very interesting indeed and well worth looking into if you wish to reach your marketing goals on Twitter.

Hit your marketing goals with Twitter