Google trust beats Facebook with personal information

When people were asked if they trusted Facebook, Government, LinkedIn and Google the results were rather interesting. All the results fell under the 50% ‘NO’, when asked the question, “Do you trust these organizations with your info?”

It is common knowledge when we go on holiday we post selfies and other photos, when we decide to go somewhere etc we all share what we are doing on social media networks such as Facebook – But how much do you trust them with your personal information?

In a MyLife study 4,000 USA users were asked if they trusted Facebook with their personal information and majority came back with the answer ‘NO’.

82.9% said they did not trust Facebook with their information, 17.1% said yes they did trust the social media network. 76.8% said they didn’t trust the Government where 23.2% said yes they did. Linked with 67.1% NO and 32.9% saying yes, and 52.8% said they did not trust Google with 47.2% saying yes they did.

It shows more people trust Google over Facebook and LinkedIn, but people still trust LinkedIn more than Facebook when it comes to their personal information.

Social networks collect information to make social networking a better place, which is what we are told anyway. For example Google uses your Gmail account information, which apparently determines your search results in, .com etc. When you read an article Facebook knows your looking at it, you do not even need to share or like it.

Do you trust Facebook, Google with your personal information?

Google Plus beats Facebook with personal information