Facebook mobile ads based on bandwidth usage

As of yesterday Facebook announced its new bandwidth targeting that is available to all advertisers globally, this new set-up will be available via the Power Editor, Ad Create tool and API.

This new bandwidth-targeting feature is set to make it easier for businesses to target mobile ads based on their mobile network types – In a nutshell it will provide ad targeting based on bandwidth connection.

By using the tools mentioned above users should be aware that the feature was built with privacy in mind, all data will be anonymous. Mobile phone owners want the best, fast and of course efficient usage and by incorporating mobile network targeting. This will improve users experiences they have with the likes of Facebook ads by helping advertisers distribute the right practice while respecting people’s device bandwidth and data costs.

This has been put into place to reach users outside of the US, and even though Facebook already offers many options to advertisers to target ads based on operating system, device type and model, it makes sense to offer the bandwidth segmentation. A mobile phone is a lot more than just phones calls and text messages; it is a business-advertising stream.

Launching the new tool allows advertisers to reach more people based on bandwidth (Network Connection) being it 2G, 3G or 4G, which is what most users use when accessing Facebook.

Vodafone in India is already testing out the new targeting tools, they love the mobile targeting option on Facebook because it offers them better targeting to a more relevant audience.

What do you think about the new Facebook ad targeting by mobile network type?

Facebook mobile ads based on bandwidth usage