Di Maria Twitter overwhelm with Manchester United

The Manchester United @ManUtd Twitter account is going all out to let everyone know they have just signed Angel Di Maria for £59.7 million.

The amount of tweets they are posting is sure to get enough attention; the transfer from Real Madrid to Man Utd has been confirmed via Twitter.

The last Di Maria Manchester United last tweet was only 3 hours ago mentioning to its fans they should tune in to #MUTV at 15:00 BST, to see the special showing. The Red Devils new captain Wayne Rooney has said welcome to the club.

Is the £59.7 million Di Maria transfer going to be a big game changer for Manchester United?

People are saying Di Maria’s ability and fast pace can help the team, especially when it comes to making space for Wayne Rooney on the pitch. It shows Manchester United has a lot of wealth and are determined to get the best players, Di Maria is very fast indeed and can ruin many full-backs when he runs pass them, he is so quick many footballers have no time to react when he does pass them – Do you agree with this?

The tweets are coming in very fast indeed, just search ‘Angel Di Maria’ or ‘Di Maria’ for up-to-date information from news groups and thousands of other tweeters.

Di Maria Twitter overwhelm with Manchester United