Twitter truth button by federal government

The federal government is looking at the Twitter hate speech policy closely, so much so they are spending around $1 million for a new database that will track misinformation.

It is the National Science Foundation financing the project, and so far has raised $919,917. This will be a new database named ‘Truthy’ and by visiting here you will see the ‘ICES Large Meme Diffusion Through Mass Social Media’ was put together July 1, 2011 and expires June 30, 2015, which means we will not see it until then.

The new database will monitor behaviour on Twitter, such as suspicious memes, false and misleading ideas and anything related to hate speech, mainly focusing on political activity online.

Government-funded researchers are hoping they can get the public using the tool sometime in the future so they can report on other Twitter users, basically a grassing tool then. The “Truthy” database tool was designed and created by researchers at Indiana University, and the hope is to detect misinformation, social pollution and political smears.

It would be rather useful when political campaigns are tweeted on Twitter, the feds can keep a close eye on things, because we all know when there is a campaign there will be a lot of hate speech.

The Washington Free beacon reports that “Truthy” is very clever and will allow users to click on the Truthy button if they see any hate speech or if they see a suspicious meme. The database will use a mixture of combinations such as social network analysis, text and data mining and complex networks models.

Would you use the ‘Truthy Button’ if you saw a suspicious meme on Twitter?

Twitter truth button by federal government