Time Warner Cable outage vented on Twitter

Time Warner Cable is still being attacked on Twitter after its Internet outage earlier on today, and users are not letting up by continuing to vent their anger.

Thousands of TWC users were cut off the Internet and subscribers were not too happy to say the least, @TWC_Help first tweeted 10 hours ago saying they know of the issue and working to restore services, then they tweeted again 4 hours saying all services have been restored.

Even over on @TWC they tweeted about the problem – All tweets shown below, including ones from those that suffered the outage.

TWC offered no explanation why the outage happened, all they said was they were doing routine maintenance on the service. The outage happened around 4:30am and according to Time Warner Cable’s director of public relations, Scott Pryzwansky was up and running 2 hours later. But, if this was the case and it was fixed within 2 hours why was there a huge gap between tweets over on the @TWC_Help Twitter account?

The main areas that suffered the most according to Down Detector include New York, North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio. Time Warner Cable paid $1.1 million so that they could resolve an enquiry from the Federal Communications Commission after they did not correctly report multiple network outages.

Do you think Comcast should buy Time Warner Cable?
Comcast is in the process of acquiring Time Warner Cable for around the $45 billion mark, many are saying this should not go ahead just for the reason of these outage problems.

Are you having Time Warner Cable Internet problems still?

Time Warner Cable outage vented on Twitter