Poonam Pandey Facebook help after deactivation

Famous Bollywood film actress and model Poonam Pandey has taken to Twitter to ask for help on how to get back her Facebook account after it was deactivated.

Poonam Pandeys’ Facebook account had 2.1 million fans and climbing when her account was deactivated without warning, she updated regularly and cannot do so now and she is obviously stressed about the matter.

If you look at the tweet below she asks her Twitter followers (Tweethearts) if they can help get her Facebook account back, some say she is the queen of controversy but many love her for the way she is.

Facebook will only deactivate an account if nipples are on show, if fake names are being used, if they find out you are under age, if you are posting into too many groups. If you send too many friend requests you could potentially be banned, if posts are too offensive and if you post for marketing purposes.

Most will know that Poonam is famous for her sexy tweets and Facebook posts, many photos are of her with minimal clothes on, she has been named a ‘Sex Bomb’ on the social media networks.

You only have to take a look at the sexy Poonam Pandey ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video below; she is standing in a bath wearing a bikini where she then tips the ice all over her.

Why do you think Facebook deactivated Poonam Pandey’s account?

Poonam Pandey Facebook help after deactivation