Nicki Minaj Anaconda 82m views in one week

The Nicki Minaj Anaconda video has not quite reached the 100-million YouTube views in a seven-day period like the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball video, but she has managed to get a staggering 82m views in one week.

The Anaconda music video uploaded onto the NickiMinajAtVEVO YouTube channel has had 82,796,350 views, 594,958 thumbs up and 288,771 thumbs down, the video has also had 177,677 comments since the last time we looked.

It went live on August 19th and within the first 24 hours reached around 19.6 million views on YouTube, its obvious that with Nicki Minaj wearing next to nothing and a lot of twerking going on you can see why the view clicks were coming in very fast. Even though Miley Cyrus gained 100m views in 7 days, she did not beat Nicki Minaj in the one-day views, Cyrus with Wrecking Ball only done 19.3 million views.

We done our normal 5-minute wait before hitting the refresh button, and in this 10-minute refresh the views went from 82,796,350 to 82,798,238, so it is still climbing very fast.

Other news surrounding Nicki Minaj VMA 2014 reports of the wardrobe malfunction drama, we have included a video below explaining more about her busting out clothes.

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