Ice Bucket Challenge aids Police and link to death

So far the Ice Bucket Challenge has been linked to the death of a young man, as well as landing a fugitive in jail after posting his video of the challenge on Facebook.

Raising money and awareness for ALS and other charities has been truly astonishing with over $80 million being raised so far; this is all thanks to the new Ice Bucket Challenge craze. It is taking over Facebook and YouTube, thousands of celebrities have even taken part to raise awareness and thanks to the popularity of these stars such as Bill Gates, George Bush, Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Damon and so many more the challenge has gone viral around the world.

But, the Ice Bucket Challenge death is very sad news and 18-year-old Cameron Lancaster, from Burntisland; Fife is the first person to full victim of this new craze to raise money for ALS amongst other charities.

He sadly died in a flooded quarry and as being reported by Huffington Post Police in Scotland are investigating the cause of the death. Before entering the water in the quarry Lancaster is thought to have been taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The body of the young man was found four hours after emergency services were called to Preston Hill Quarry near Inverkeithing.

However, in another report the Daily Mail is reporting how a man wanted to do his bit for the charity by taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but by doing so has landing him in trouble with the police. Jesean Morris, 20, posted his Ice Bucket Challenge video on Facebook and thought he was doing good until authorities recognized him as a fugitive after violating his parole.

Morris is now back in prison after the police were tipped off about the video going live on Facebook, because someone spotted him they contacted authorities in Omaha, Nebraska. Morris served a sentence is the Omaha Correctional Center after a 2010 conviction involving a firearm during a crime, after his release he was on parole but he violated this.

He was convicted at the age of 16, but he was charged as an adult because two men were wounded after a shootout. The Ice Bucket Challenge video he posted on Facebook has now been removed.

Ice Bucket Challenge aids Police and link to death