Gmail Hangouts update now rolling out

Google is providing a rather small update to Gmail but it is causing a lot of excitement on Google Plus at the moment. Yes, Hangouts in Gmail, is now rolling out to make life easier to connect one another.

The new Gmail Hangouts is now rolling out to make life easier to communicate, this new update will now show online contacts move to the top of your chat buddy list, basically in a nutshell making it a lot easier to know who is currently online.

Before it would not show in order who was online, but thanks to the update those that are online will show up at the top. Your offline friends will be shown but online friends will take priority at the top of the list within Gmail Hangouts.

This means users will be able to pin contacts to the top of their buddy list if they wish to do so, the news came via the Google+ post titled ‘See who’s online more easily in Hangouts in Gmail’, the excitement is obvious with the post gaining 328 shares and 957 +1s, as well as 65 comments.

Hangouts in Gmail allows users to have face-to-face video calls, create Hangouts with up to 100 people, and included are over 800 fun new emoji’s. To enable Hangouts in Gmail just click on your profile photo at the top of your chat list, then click on ‘Try the new Hangouts’, once you have done this Gmail will refresh. If you wish to turn off Hangouts and want to start using the old chat just go to Hangouts in Gmail and then click on your name, then click on ‘Revert to old Chat’, yet again Gmail will refresh.

What do you think of the new Google Hangouts in Gmail update?

Gmail hangouts update now rolling out