Threatened governments that block social media

Social media can be the best place in the world to share, connect and conduct business, but there are many countries that would disagree. Both Egypt and Ukraine have shown us that social media is no place where people can come together to create revolutions. There are a few Governments across the globe that feel threatened by social media, and this is why they have limited access to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc in their country.

The infographic below looks at countries that censor their citizens away from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as exploring the reasons behind the blockage and the methods to get around them.

Yes there are many ways in getting around the ban; these include the usage of Proxy Servers, VPNs and Browsers. The most popular anonymous browser is Tor, and this allows traffic to be routed through the Tor network, which basically hides your tracks so even if say Facebook has been banned in a certain country they cannot track you.

North Korea, Iran and China have banned Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Vietnam has banned Facebook, those in Pakistan cannot use YouTube but the infographic does show you ways around the ban and Turkey has banned both YouTube and Twitter.

The infographic also reveals that in Syria and Iran, the Internet speed most of the time is slowed right down during any demonstration to prevent protest images going live. Syria, China and Sudan cut the internet off completely during times of unrest – Please do take a look at the ‘Countries that block social media below’.

What country do you live in and what social media networks are banned there?

Countries Who Block Social Media

Countries Who Block Social Media [Infographic] by the team at WhoIsHostingThis

Just wish to say a big thanks to Max from NeoMam Studios for sending us an email of the infographic.

Threatened governments that block social media