Richard Attenborough dead, but alive on Twitter

This weekend brought very sad news, actor and film director Richard Attenborough sadly passed away aged 90, confirmed by his son.

Miracle On 34th Street, Jurassic Park and The Great Escape are just some of the films we all remember dearly when it comes to Richard Attenborough. He is the brother of naturalist Sir David Attenborough, and has suffered with diminishing health for some time.

Richard Attenborough’s passing was a complete shock to co-star Mara Wilson; she starred in Miracle on 34th Street with Attenborough, who also lost another co-star a few weeks ago when Robin Williams died. Mara tweeted saying, “’Sir Richard Attenborough was the only Santa Claus I ever believed in. A wonderful man. Still in shock right now. May he rest in peace.” Mara starred in both Miracle on 34th Street and Mrs Doubtfire.

So many people took to Twitter to send their condolences with tribute messages, David Cameron tweeted that he loved his acting in Brighton Rock and his directing skills in Ghandi. Piers Morgan said he was a true legend and a delightful man.

Please visit this Twitter hashtag #RichardAttenborough to see all the tribute tweets to a man that gave us great movies. Our personal favourite was Miracle on 34th Street as this pulled at the heartstrings.

In 2008 Richard Attenborough started to use a wheelchair after having a stroke, and only last year he moved into a nursing home with wife Sheila. He leaves behind daughter Charlotte, son Michael and his wife.

RIP Richard Attenborough, you will be sadly missed, thank you for the time you spent providing us with all that you gave. You may not be here with us on planet Earth, but you are alive on Twitter and in our hearts – Please do keep the Twitter tributes coming in and let us know what movie you loved the most starring Richard Attenborough?

Richard Attenborough dead, but alive on Twitter