Facebook Like-gate – help vs. hindrance

After Facebook announced it would retire the “Like-gate” in November, there was a flurry of reaction and commentary.

Social media expert and Forbes power influencer, Lilach Bullock, was naturally asked for her opinion of what this means. True to form, she assessed the move without the emotional knee-jerk reactions delivered at the time.

Facebook bans Like-gate feature – should you be frightened, and how does this impact your business? Lilach quoted with 7 other industry experts here, this is rather interesting and worth reading.

However, the debate continues on the Like-gate feature being banned, and it continues with 17 Facebook gurus explaining how this affects you – read more about this via Post Planner. The 17 experts include Heyo CEO Nathan Latka, ShortStack CEO Jim Belosic, Antavo co-founder Zsuzsa Kecsmar, TabSite CEO Mike Gingerich, AgoraPulse co-founder Emeric Ernoult, Contest Domination CEO Travis Ketchum, Social Boom CEO Kim Garst, as well as Jon Loomer Digital owner Jon Loomer. Polygraph CEO Chris Treadway says like gating causes inaccuracy, CommsAxis co-founder Lilach Bullock mentioned it is a great way to filter out the crap, others include RazorSocial CEO Ian Cleary, RaviShukle.com owner Ravi Shukle, Social Identities owner Hugh Briss, Ignite Social Media Senior Community Manager John Patterson, Kovar Systems Web Marketing Manager Dani Loebs and Social media coach Andrea Vahl.

What do you think about the Facebook Like-Gate retirement? Is it helpful or a hindrance? Many do see it as a positive step for genuine engagement.

Facebook Like-gate - help vs. hindrance